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Inna Mulcaster

My name is Inna Mulcaster.

I was born in the city of Khabarovsk in Russia. After graduating from university where I studied accounting and auditing, I left to study in Shanghai, China. There I studied Chinese and was fond of Chinese calligraphy. From my early childhood I had great interest in art and creation with a focus on colour. In 2006 when I moved to live in New Zealand, I began to take pictures and draw from my photos for fun as well as nourishment for my soul mostly working with landscapes of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in my chosen medium of Acrylics.

Soon I moved on to realist portraits of people in graphite pencil. I found I enjoyed this medium and wanted to mold my two interests, animals and portraiture. I was inspired by my own dog and rendering his soulful eyes fascinated me. From there I began to draw wild animals, cats, dogs, and horses, including racehorses, using different mediums such as colored pencils, charcoal, chalk pencils, and oil pastels. I have been working closely with my international clients to create pieces specific to their needs and wants. I would love to share my passion for art and creative expression with the world. It brings great joy to me to see happy tears of emotion from my clients as this is one of my main motivators for creating art.


Some of my work has been featured at auction as I love to contribute my work to benefit charities dear to my heart.

Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation

Racing's Night of Champions

Sydney, Australia

Limited edition print of Winx sold for $3,700


Pinchapoo Charity Organisation

Melbourne, Australia

Limited edition print of Winx sold for $2,500

Australian Bush Fire Appeal

Winx prints sold collectively for $1,650

Cancer Society of New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Racing Club, New Zealand

Limited edition print of Winx sold for $1,500

Contact Me

+64 21 180 2914

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